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Are you passionate about building a new venture capital system where activating Human Genius and Genius Product Blueprints becomes a standard for the venture industry? Where startups get equipped for a different level of product success and impact in the world?

Join us to build this new reality together, let's make this happen!
What is ABRT
ABRT is a family of companies building a new venture capital system. We integrate analytics, technologies, and capital to transform how true innovators create products, get funding, and grow their businesses. Our mission is to activate a critical mass of Geniuses who want to create positive impact and direct collective intelligence to solve the most important existing and emerging challenges. Together, as a collective Genius of passionate people, we can do anything including creating a harmonious future.

We bring capital into the innovation economy to make more funding available for the entrepreneurs to build products that matter and companies that inspire. This way, more and more Geniuses respond to the grand challenges we are facing as humanity: enhancing human abilities, anti-aging and living longer in good health, eliminating cancer, keeping nature and our environment healthy, travel and exploration in space. Collectively, we find answers to the world's biggest questions.

With 15 years of established history and a track record of success, the ABRT team today has more than a hundred professionals with backgrounds in technology, venture capital, and startup ecosystems. We're forming a new venture capital system and aim to grow exponentially.

With deep analytics expertise in products and markets, the ABRT family of companies includes a venture arm that co-invests with Tier-1 VCs, Startup Houses across the world, a co-managed fund Skif VC, and Innate Methods that helps corporations evolve their product portfolio. We are a team of innovative, conscientious, dynamic movers and shakers who define the future of the venture capital industry.
Genius Product Blueprint

We aim to awaken and grow the unique Genius of every innovator and help them create Genius Products with world-class venture and product analytics. We continuously develop and improve our venture platform with lots of best practices for specific products. Our practice is to create a customized journey to success for every product, the Genius Product Blueprint.

We leverage the Genius Product Blueprint and our venture platform to collect data from thousands of startups, create an ideal growth track for them and set product success benchmarks leading to high-scale and high capital efficiency.

We help startups prepare for success and lead to funding and/or co-invest into companies ourselves. We take companies from their starting point, when the idea is just being born, to when it is known and loved by many happy users and customers who benefit from Genius Products.
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