Our offerings evolve Venture Capital beyond
today's booming economy of entrepreneurship
ABRT forms a holistic Venture Capital ecosystem. We integrate technologies, capital, and infrastructure together to transform how true innovators connect, get funding, and grow their businesses.
  • Extensive offerings
    We've adopted an end-to-end Venture
    Capital cycle. Our offerings provide a full spectrum of services, beginning from investor relations and deal sourcing to portfolio management and exit optimization.
  • Digital VC framework
    Our evolving Venture Capital industry framework and proven practices increase Venture Capital productivity while providing higher value to investors and founders with a lower operational overhead.
  • Superior VC investments
    With our Digital VC framework we provide multiple advantages for private companies beyond Venture Capital financing, better enhancing our Venture Capital investments and success rates.

ABRT operating model continues established practice, proven track record and success stories of ABRT Venture Fund.
Nick Mitushin, Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer, ABRT
A framework and digital infrastructure
empowering the future of Venture Capital.
As ABRT Fund, we have made over 30 investments in 22 companies focused on global IT markets
and grew two global unicorns (more than $1 billion in market value) with our hands-on approach.
We have co-invested directly with the top tier VCs and jointly organized events & programs
with them to further promote the best startups.
Global Track Record
We have invested in 22 companies, 16 of which are focused on global IT markets – the US, Europe and Israel.

Exceptional Performance
We have achieved an exceptional 43.99% Net IRR performance with portfolio companies exceeding greater than $100 million run rates.

Experienced Team
We have built a team of experienced global leaders, combining technology, venture capital, and entrepreneurial ecosystems background.
In recent years, six global trends have influenced the way our modern economy operates today.
The traditional way of venture capital requires now a change for its survival.
  • Non-VC and Non-Silicon Valley Investors
    Currently, there's over $5 trillion of private capital seeking an opportunity to invest in traditional Venture Capital deals.

    Capital going to startups has increased by 300% in the past 5 years
  • 'Private IPO'
    Growing technology companies
    stay private almost 2x longer than
    10 years ago.

    Slack raised round H in 2018.

  • Global Talent Flow and Workforce Migration
    Silicon Valley is no longer the only place to build a successful company. New emerging ecosystems provide a wide range of services to entrepreneurs.

    WeWork has over 830 locations.

  • Lower Barriers to
    Starting a Company
    The operating costs of building a company have dramatically decreased while the economy of entrepreneurship isn't slowing down.

    The number of early-stage companies grew by 47% only in the last decade.
  • The Rise of Early Stage Investors
    The number of early-stage companies and early-stage investors continues to increase globally and in emerging markets.

    The number of Seed deals has increased by more than 600% since 2006.

  • Venture Capital
    Operations Optimization
    Traditional ways of manual and person-to-person operations have begun to be optimized by new streamlined solutions, processes, and software.

    AngelList launched syndicates,
    over $1 billion invested.

Our offerings capitalize on the future of the Venture Capital industry.
  • Limpid
    A global startup sourcing and pipeline management platform that streamlines
    the fundraising process.
  • Amalgam
    A Liquid Venture Fund with access to global startup pipeline and exit optimization benefits to fund investors that choose to exit early.
  • LP Exchange and Waitlist
    An exchange platform with liquidity options providing an opt-out for Limited Partners of Venture Capital funds.
  • Exit Platform
    A liquidity platform for private placement candidates and various pools of demand allows founders and investors to buy and sell their equity.
  • Exponential Finance Forum
    An active dialog defining new trends, setting up strategic vision for the future of capital markets, and democratizing the industry.

  • Global Campus
    A global community of entrepreneurs and a seamless experience of connection, mentorship, and fundraising integrated with work-life balance.
We have a long-term experience in Venture Capital,
business, technology, finance, and ecosystem development
that allows us to optimize the way that VC industry operates.
  • Best-In-Class VC Industry Partners
    We co-invest with top tier Venture Capital firms bringing relationship-based access to a superior deal pipeline and an exclusive expertise ensuring outstanding returns.
  • Streamlined Processes and Operational Data
    We implement the best industry practices combined with decades of experience in Venture Capital to monitor and develop thousands of early stage companies on a global scale.
  • Hands-On Portfolio Management
    Our operational DNA for our co-investment partners and our portfolio companies ensures a better than market startup selection and a faster scaling with below market risk.
  • VC Assets Liquidity
    We adopt the best-in-class financial industry practices to reduce risks, optimize exit strategy, and increase the liquidity of Venture Capital assets.
ABRT creates a structure of funds, operating and management companies. We build our companies to evolve Venture Capital industry beyond today's booming economy of entrepreneurship.

By promoting the best instruments and processes we reduce risks and increase the liquidity of Venture Capital assets. We make Venture Capital industry accessible to "non-VC club" investors.
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